On Campus Benefits and Services


1300 Elmwood

Alumni can receive the college magazine, 1300 Elmwood, twice a year in the mail, or the stories can be accessed online. 

Auditing Classes

Alumni may audit courses without earning credit, with the approval of the department chair and the instructor of the course. A person auditing a course will not receive a grade or earn credit for the course. The auditor's role beyond attending class, such as completing assignments, receiving instructor feedback and taking exams should be agreed upon with the instructor. Tuition is not charged; however, course auditors may be expected to purchase textbooks and supplies necessary to participate in the class (e.g., art supplies). Information may be found on the Registrar's website. All students are required to complete the Official Permission to Audit a Course form and return it to the Registrar's Office.

Exception: Auditing is not permitted in any study-abroad program.

Special audit: Persons more than 60 years of age may audit courses on a space-available basis. Arrangements can be made through the Admissions Office, Moot Hall, (716) 878-4017.

Course offerings can be found on Buffalo State's website. The instructor’s name is generally listed. For the faculty member’s contact information check with the department or the online directory on Buffalo State's website or contact the Alumni Office for assistance.

Butler Library

Computer Use

Alumni are welcome to bring a laptop and access the library's guest wifi. Printing, scanning, and computer privileges are NOT extended to alumni.

Book Borrowing

Graduates of Buffalo State are eligible to join the Friends of the E.H. Butler Library at no cost in order to receive library borrowing privileges. If you would like to get more information about the library access and services, please call (716) 878-6300.

Online Library Databases

Alumni can access two popular databases - EBSCOhost’s Academic Search: Alumni Edition and Business Source: Alumni Edition. Buffalo State currently has active subscriptions to these two great resources. Please note that you will need to enter your Banner ID in the “Patron ID” field in order to log into both databases. If you forgot your Banner ID, please call (716) 878-6001 or email alumni@buffalostate.edu.

Career and Professional Education Department

Buffalo State’s Career and Professional Education Department offers virtual career resources to alumni, including job fairs, workshops for resumes, cover letter writing, interview skills, and more. Visit the Career and Professional Education Department website for more information!

Campus House

Campus House Memberships are available to alumni for $100 for a year (in addition to an $100 initiation fee). Established in 2001, this beautiful facility serves as a ‘teaching laboratory’ for Hospitality & Tourism students, as well as a social dining club for the Buffalo State Community. Contact the Campus House at (716) 878-3300 for more information.

Continuing Professional Studies

All alumni receive a 10% discount for non-credit courses offered through the Office of Continuing Professional Studies. Visit the department website for full details. 

Casting Hall

Support Casting Hall as it carries on the tradition of excellence in student theater. Casting Hall is offering a discount for alumni that purchase tickets for their show at $14. To purchase tickets, please call (716) 878-3005 or visit the website here.

Diplomas and Transcripts

These services are offered through the Registrar's Office. They can be contacted at (716) 878-4811 or Regofc@buffalostate.edu and are located in Moot Hall.


If you are in need of a replacement diploma, complete the form and return it to the Registrar's Office. There is a $12 processing fee, and diplomas take six to eight weeks to arrive.


Unofficial transcripts can be accessed in the self-service portion of Banner if you know your banner number. This type of transcript is an informal listing of your academic history. There is no fee for viewing your unofficial transcript nor printing it out on your own. They are listed under the student records section of Banner.

Official transcript copies must be ordered by completing the transcript ordering form and cost $9.

More information can be found on the Registrar's Office's website

Fitness Center

Memberships are available to alumni and their spouses for $180 for a 12-month membership; 8 months at $135; 4 months at $75. It is located in room 230 of the Houston Gymnasium.

Up-to-Date Hours of Operation can be found on the Fitness Center webpage.

To become a member, visit the Fitness Center in Houston Gymnasium, present your alumni ID card, and fill out an application. Call the Fitness Center at (716) 878-3815 for details.

Parking Permit

With your alumni ID card, a reduced rate permit is available to alumni not registered for classes. Purchase your permit at the Campus Parking Services Office in Moot Hall. 

Small Business Development Center

Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at Buffalo State assists small businesses to develop solutions to their problems, which leads to increased productivity and profitability. In doing this, the SBDC contributes the stability and growth of the small business sector of the economy of Buffalo, Western New York, and all of New York State.