alumni Mentor sessions


The purpose behind being an Alumni Mentor: to give back to current students by sharing stories, building trust and developing a relationship.

Buffalo State University has partnered with Compeer to provide the best program for our alumni mentors and students. Compeer will work with us on making sure each volunteer mentor is ready to be assigned to a Buff State student. From there, the time line is up to you!

"Compeer Purpose: Champion Mental Wellbeing. Connect People. Building Relationships...One friend at a time."

If you are interested in participating in this Alumni Mentorship Program, please reference the PDF presentation that is linked below. All information is in the presentation, in addition to the point of contact at Compeer

The volunteer application takes about 20 to 30 minutes of your time. Compeer prides themselves on this diligent process to make sure our students have the best alumni fit to be a mentor.

If you are interested in applying to become a mentor, please view the link below!

time line

Are you interested in becoming an alumni mentor, but not sure what it may entail? Below is an example of what the process may look like.

Step 1: Compeer assists with the application process!

  • This can take about a month from start to finish.
  • Including an interview process, background checks, reference checks, and orientation
  • Don't worry - it may sound like a lot, but we want you to get the most out of this experience as well as have the best fit applicants for our students

Step 2: You are then paired up with a Buffalo State student!

  • Typical mentors spend about 4-6 hours a month invested in this program. This includes phone calls, meetings, or fun activities for the two of you to do
  • It is not a requirement to put in hours every week. It is based on your student and what they feel their needs are.
  • You're not in this alone! Buffalo State Alumni Association will assist in suggestions for the mentor and mentee to do, and how each can benefit from this relationship
    • For example, feel free to attend sporting events on campus, or grab a cup of coffee at the Starbucks in the library
    • Each month, Compeer and the Alumni Association plan to send out monthly newsletters, including updates, events, and exciting things for you and your mentee to do!

Step 3: Continue to grow the mentor relationship, and be of support to the students

  • Continue to meet, talk, and get to know one another through this mentorship program
  • The time frame is up to YOU!


How can buffalo state help?

We know that it may be hard to connect with your assigned student right off the bat. Maybe they're shy or nervous to talk to you. It's okay! The Office of Alumni Engagement plans to provide suggestions for how to engage in this relationship.

  1. There will be specific events on campus for mentors and mentees to attend together
  2. A monthly email will go out to mentors and mentees on local things to do in the area, or networking events they can meet at
  3. The JVL Alumni & Visitor Center is always a good space to meet and have coffee
  4. Ice breakers or topics of conversation can be suggested to break the ice

campus partners

The Alumni Mentorship Program has partnered with on campus groups that support incoming freshmen as they make the transition into higher education. ROAR 2 Success assists students in making sure they have the resources necessary to set them up for success during their college career. Learn more about this group below.

ROAR 2 Success!

What is Roar 2 Success? ROAR stands for Recognizing Opportunities Achieving Results. The program is focused on providing advocacy and customized support to first year students. This effort is designed to ensure that first year students have what they need to be successful, which aligns with the college’s mission to empower students to succeed. 

It is our best hope that with the support of the Roar 2 Success program all first-year students will build a foundation that allows them to be successful during their time at Buffalo State.

To learn more about Roar 2 Success, please visit their website here.