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Bethany Krull, B.A. ’04
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Bethany Krull has an M.F.A. from the University of Rochester, and she has traveled the country doing artist residencies for her sculpture and ceramics work.Bethany Krull has an M.F.A. from the University of Rochester, and she has traveled the country doing artist residencies for her sculpture and ceramics work. Her sculptures speak to the contradictory relationships humans have with other animals. She also explores our incessant need to connect with animals and nature through domestication tactics such as pets and house plants. Learn more. 
Candace Morrison, B.A. ’10
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Candace Morrison is a labor attorney and has a dual master’s in arts management and Juris Doctor degree.Candace Morrison is a labor attorney, and she has a dual degree in arts management and a Juris Doctor (J.D.) from the University at Buffalo. During her law and grad school years, Morrison focused on social and economic rights to necessities like affordable housing. She said her undergraduate research experience taught her how to make connections between how policy and laws impact society. Learn more. 
Abbey Spoth, B.A. ’13
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AbbeAbbey Spoth is a counselor and works with sexual abuse victims, as well as research how mental-health counselors communicate with their clients.y Spoth works as a counselor and advocate for people who have suffered from sexual abuse and violence. Beyond her direct job responsibilities, she is interested in exploring how mental-health professionals talk to their patients, and what effect these interactions have on treatment. In graduate school at the University of Vermont Spoth’s thesis looked at subjectivity in the treatment of anorexia. She said her experience at Buffalo State (where she studied music and composition) had an undeniable influence on her passion for independent research. Learn more. 
Kelsey Till Thompson, B.A. ’11
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 Kelsey Till Thompson is a criminal and civil appeals attorney.Kelsey Till Thompson, who is a civil litigator, conducts extensive research in civil appeals and said her undergraduate research Buffalo State directly influenced her career path. Till Thompson, whose research focused on Oscar Wilde and a collection of letters from the Buffalo State Archives, presented her work at several conferences including one at the University of Virginia. She said Buffalo State helped lay the foundation for the presentation and rhetorical skills that she still uses as an attorney. Learn more. 
Natalie Woyshner, B.A. ’09
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Natalie Woyshner owns her own creative agency, and she specializes in culinary marketing and photography. Natalie Woyshner’s interest in visual arts started as an undergraduate at Buffalo State. Through her undergraduate research she painted food from different cultures across the world. Woyshner said attending Buffalo State helped launch her career in the culinary world, and she now own her own marketing and branding firm through which she represented chefs and restaurants throughout Los Angeles. Woyshner is also an avid photographer, and her images have been featured in the LA Times, Eater LA, and Los Angeles Magazine. Learn more. 
Rachel Wright, B.A. ’12
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Rachel Wright is pursuing a master’s and examining experimental video art installation at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Rachel Wright is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Her thesis explores experimental video installations and aims to re-contextualize home videos. As an undergraduate, Wright studied fine sculpture, and her large-scale works were featured in art exhibits and installations. Wright said the experience she received at Buffalo State allowed her to build an art portfolio and gave her the skills to apply to MFA programs. Learn more.