Undergraduate Research and Creativity Alumni Profiles 

Kelsey Till Thompson B.S. ’11

Major(s): Secondary English Education, Psychology

What research or work have you done since graduating from Buffalo State?

After I graduated from Buffalo State, I completed a master's degree in English literature and a J.D. from University at Buffalo Buffalo. I am currently a practicing attorney in Rochester, New York.

Can you translate your work for the general public?

I do extensive research and writing every day with respect to criminal and civil appeals.

Why did you decide to get involved in undergraduate research?

One of my English professors encouraged me to become involved in undergraduate research. I also viewed it as an opportunity to help decide on my career path and sharpen my research skills.

How did your undergraduate research experience influence your career path?

My undergraduate research experience certainly paved the path to graduate studies and work as an attorney. During my master's program I presented a paper at a conference held at the University of Virginia, and in law school I was a research assistant for several professors. In my law school internships and at my current job, research is a skill I use and refine on a daily basis.

Describe the research you did and if you presented it at any professional conference, juried art exhibit, or other off-campus location.

My research centered on Oscar Wilde and a collection of letters in Buffalo State's Campus Archives. I focused on the topic of forgery and presented my work at the Student Research and Creativity Conference.

Undergraudate Research Mentor: Dr. Lisa Berglund