Five Inspiring Pieces of Advice from Ed Feibischoff, '79


Ed Feibischoff, ’79, a graduate of the Communication Department, returned to campus this week for a two-day visit. He spoke to students in Electronic News Reporting and Public Relations in Sports courses.

Assistant Professor of Communication Aaron Daniel Annas; Ed Feibischoff, ’79; and Assistant Professor of Communication Joseph KaskoThroughout his career in broadcasting, Ed has received seven Sports Emmy® awards, and has covered the Olympics, NBA, Wimbledon, NFL games, among others. He is currently a sports producer for ESPN.

Feibischoff offered many inspiring words of wisdom and advice during a lecture that was open to the campus community on Oct. 18.

Here are the top five pieces of advice:

  1. On opening new doors in life: "All you got to do is impress one person."
  2. Work ethic: "I outworked everyone. That's how I knew I was doing the right thing."
  3. On constantly improving: "I'm never not thinking about how to improve a show."
  4. Never give up: "Sometimes [what you want] will come late in life. Don't give up on your dreams."
  5. Believe in yourself: "Stop with the fear. You're going to be great. You need to show confidence."

It was wonderful to have him back on campus!

Originally posted: October 2016