Bengal Tales – Matt Bové

Matthew Bové, '13Class Year: 2013
Degree: B.A. Journalism

Current Occupation: Reporter, WKBW

What is one of your fondest memories of Buffalo State?
As a journalism student, history was never my biggest focus. That being said, my sophomore year I took a class that I'll always remember. “Europe Since 1500” was one of the most interesting and enjoyable classes ever. The professor told the class like a long story, every class was a different chapter and it immediately drew me in. I learned so much, and was so impressed with the class I still find myself talking about it.

Also, the two taco combo at Salsarita's will always hold a special place in my heart.

Were you involved with any on-campus organizations as a student?
As a student I was not involved with any on-campus organizations but I did intern with a few media outlets off campus.

How did graduating from Buffalo State shape your future?
It pushed me in the right direction. I was fortunate to go out into the "real world" with an idea of what to expect. Not everyone gets that out of college.

What accomplishments have you achieved since graduating from Buffalo State?
I was lucky enough to start working at WKBW my last semester at Buffalo State as a part time temporary show editor. Since, I've worked my way up the ladder and am now a Multi-Media Journalist-- which is just a fancy way of saying reporter.

Do you have any advice for current students trying to achieve success after graduation?
Go get an internship. Make sure you enjoy the field you're heading into. I'm lucky to have a job I love. If you can find the same thing, the passion and hard work will come naturally.

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Originally posted: June 2016