Bengal Tales – Mary (Tirone) DiPaola

Mary (Tirone) DiPaola, '94Class Year: 1994
Degree: B.S. Fashion and Textile Technology

Current Occupation: Adjunct Professor at Buffalo State College in the Fashion and Textile Technology Department

What is one of your fondest memories of Buffalo State?
My amazing professors.

Were you involved with any on-campus organizations as a student?
No. I was a commuter student and worked full-time.

How did graduating from Buffalo State shape your future?
It led me back to my roots, and now I am back on campus in a teaching position!

What accomplishments have you achieved since graduating from Buffalo State?
Raised a family, done freelance work within my profession.

Do you have any advice for current students trying to achieve success after graduation?
Keep in touch with your professors!

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Originally posted: October 2016