Support, Engage, Connect

During uncertain times and rapid changes to our daily lives, we can still count on the generosity, kindness, and caring Buffalo State College community. Our alumni, donors, and friends have stood up to offer help to our students and to remain connected to the campus community.

The Buffalo State Alumni Association and Division of Institutional Advancement work closely with campus partners to identify needs as they emerge in the current landscape. There are several ways to support the campus community, including by providing monetary donations, resources, mentorship, and digital engagement.

We know that our alumni, donors, and friends are also facing unique challenges navigating their day-to-day personal and professional lives. If you are in a position to give back, here are several ways to support, engage, and connect.

Student Emergency Aid Fund

The Student Emergency Fund at Buffalo State supports eligible students who experience unforeseen circumstances that could impact their ability to remain enrolled at Buffalo State. Many of our students are facing financial and logistical hardships during this rapidly evolving situation. These can be deal breakers for students when it comes to staying in school and completing their degree programs. The Student Emergency Fund at Buffalo State provides an immediate need for these students to support their ability to remain enrolled at Buffalo State.

Milligan’s Food Pantry Fund

Milligan’s distributes quality and nutritious food to current students, a majority of whom live off-campus. The pandemic has exponentially increased the needs of our food pantry clientele. A gift to Milligan’s Food Pantry Fund will help meet this critical need.

Virtual Mentoring

Register on our online platform, Buffalo State Success, our online mentoring and networking platform, provides a unique way to connect with students and provide mentorship for students along their college journeys. Now more than ever, students are looking for advice and support. Alumni who want to share their experiences and perspectives can help our students navigate the current situation.

Virtual Engagement

The Alumni Engagement Office is also seeking alumni in professions who can provide resources for Buffalo State Success and social media, such as mental-health tips, fitness videos, cooking tutorials, and more. The possibilities are endless, so please email if you want to discuss leveraging your professional background to provide online content for our student and alumni community.

We Appreciate You

We hope that you can find some joy in seeing members of our community support one another. We know that now, more than ever, the affinity, network, and connections formed through the Buffalo State community are lasting and strong.